Fixed-income assets and securities, such as bonds, are typically low-risk and require you to invest a principal amount for a specified term in return for a dividend or interest payment. They require lock-up periods where you're not allowed to move your money or spend it.

And this is where Pebble stands out. Pebble acts similarly in the sense that you deposit money in return for rewards with relatively low risk. However, you can withdraw your funds at anytime or spend them through the Pebble Card, Pebble's 5% Cash Back, and Pebble Bill Pay.

The Pebble team has spent thousands of collective hours researching and developing the best all-around financial product. No investment, including bonds or even index funds, has this type of liquidity. And none of them give 5% cash back at your favorite merchants! Nor have they developed a rewards system that truly aligns everyone on the same team.

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