It’s quite simple: each time you use Pebble, you can earn Pebbles. Think of them as Pebble’s very own reward points.

As of now, our team hasn't talked publicly about what Pebbles are yet — because of the unique strategy we're taking to achieve our mission. But here's a few facts we can tell you right now:

  1. It pays to be early.

  2. As more people join the ecosystem, we won't have as many Pebbles to give away.

  3. This is the key to how Pebble will be the first financial institution with a mission actually aligned with all of our users around the world.

  4. When Pebble grows, you grow with us. Currently . . . no matter how much you contribute to your bank, you're not rewarded when their business grows as a result of your contributions. What if there's a new financial system that you're actually part of?

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